Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Work in Progress, Day of the Dead

Today I’m working on projects for the “Day of the Dead” show at the Eclipse Gallery. The show is in October.
The first piece will be the Grand Canyon painting. Since the DotD is about honoring your ancestors, I think it works to have Grandpa in the show.
The other piece is a Samurai Helmet. From what I have read, the Samurai would cut off the head of a vanquished warrior and mount the head and helmet as a trophy and to honor the defeated warrior. So, I’m working on a sculpture of a skull with a full Kabuto, the armored helm of the Samurai. I don’t usually work in 3-D projects so this is kind of fun.
BTW got a response from Great Uncle Joe, he thinks it’s cool that I’m finishing Grandpa’s work.

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