Saturday, December 11, 2010

Turn, Turn

Although I’m no connoisseur of fine wine, I have heard how wines and beers are described by those who proclaim to have superior knowledge of such things. They use terms like smoky, nutty and describe a plethora of fruit tastes associated with a particular vintage.

While I’ve been working on projects for Christmas, I have had the pleasure of working with several types of wood in the turning projects I’m working on.
I’ve noticed that each type of wood has its own fragrance; the cinnamon notes of Burmese Rosewood really are what caught my attention.

Rosewood, Cocobolo from Central America, Olivewood from the Holy Land and Koa from Hawaii are among my favorites. They are all “wood”, yet each is distinct in how they perform when worked.

I like to think that the projects I create will have the resonance of a fine wine and grow better with age, if only in the memories of those loved ones who receive them.

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