Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"Works on Paper and Chairs"

The upcoming show at the Eclipse Gallery is “Works on Paper and Chairs.” When Joan, the gallery director, told me what the theme would be, I really wondered, first for her sanity, then, what would I do for the show?

I thought long and hard on the subject and remembered something a friend of mine once told me, that art is about emotion. Art should elicit a feeling in the viewer, and is successful even if the feeling is positive or negative. Real art is about emotion.

I decided to do a chair, and located a child-size wicker chair that I used to use in my portrait studio. Being small and white, I felt it represented the way we enter this world, small, pure and innocent. I used paint to represent the emotions we feel as we begin to grow, yellow for fear, blue for sorrow, green for envy and red for anger.

The final product is like our lives, splashes of emotion, but if we are really lucky, the innocence of our youth should still shine thru.

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