Thursday, October 20, 2011

Work of Art 2.2

The challenge this week was:

“The artists must use Parkour, a discipline where participants overcome obstacles using only their bodies to move from point A to point B in the most creative and inventive way possible, as their inspiration.”

So they were broken into teams and challenged to create art that showcased “motion.”

While watching I thought Bayetés idea was really quite unexciting, boring, really kind of dumb, but I was glad to see he was not going to try and make this week’s challenge about “race” again. In the end he won the challenge, and I have to agree with the judges. His piece did show the childish fun he tried to portray. And really, there wasn’t much competition.

Then there was Kathryn.

A graduate of MassArt and a MFA from Yale. Impressive. What isn’t impressive is her work, which consists of taking dough, jelly, fruit juice and other materials and throwing it at paper or plastic. It’s supposed to look like human organs and blood.

And then there is the crying. Really, get over it. In some of the first art classes I took, the instructor conducted brutal critiques. His point was that someday one of us would put our work out in the world and people would trash it. We needed to be strong enough to take the crit, because in the end “it is only fake guts.”

I find it hard to believe this is what you get for spending over 150K on an art education. I’d ask for a refund.

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