Saturday, February 14, 2015

Medal of Honor Soldier Buried in a Dog Park

I have been working on the re-interment of a Soldier who fought in the Civil War and received the Medal of Honor for actions in the Indian Wars.

 In my discussions with some of the people that will be participating in the event, I found out that a Battle Buddy of the Soldier was in a “Cemetery” in Ventura that has been turned into a Dog Park.

This Soldier also was awarded the Medal of Honor. There are reportedly 3000 people still buried at this location. At least 50 of these souls are Veterans, including a Medal of Honor recipient and one General Officer.

 On my visit there were children learning to play baseball and dogs running all over the grounds. This “dog park” is an insult and a disgrace to all veterans.

A man who was awarded this Nation’s highest honor deserves better. The city has refused to allow Pvt Sumner to be moved to a more appropriate venue.

The entire city should be ashamed of they was they have treated these veterans.

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