Saturday, August 20, 2016

Stuck in Time

So, here I am, sitting in a sports bar at the San Antonio airport, experiencing yet another flight delay. My flight was delayed two hours and when I got here to check in, found out that I couldn’t make the connecting flight. Now I have been re-scheduled, and I get to hang out for three hours. What fun.

On the way to San Antonio, I had a two-hour layover, then ended up with a three-hour delay. Good Times.

Anyway, it’s great to sit at the window and watch all the people walk by. The down side is I sitting in a fish bowl, it’s a bit odd when sports fans stop and look past you to watch the tv screens over the bar. Guess I’ll get over it.

This has been a pretty good trip, even though it was business, I still managed to get in a little “tourist time.”

The best stop was the Mission San Juan, just outside of town.

Mission San Juan

Now I’ll give it to the Alamo, it’s a great historic landmark. But it’s in the middle of the city. My biggest disappointment was that the Guinness World Records Museum is right across the street. Kind of takes away from the seriousness and reverence that is deserved by those who fell at the Alamo.

The Alamo

The mission is one of the more visually interesting buildings I have been in for some time. It’s been quite a while since a location really captured my interest. The mission did. 

If you’re ever in San Antonio, be sure to stop by.

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