Sunday, March 29, 2020

And So It Begins

With the entire world closed, it looks like it may be awhile before I can do any traveling. With that in mind, I’m re-posting from my original blog. I created the blog to keep family informed while I took my mom on a cruise to Greece.

Day 2:

We have arrived in NYC. No real issues on the trip in, was a pretty nice flight. We have already realized that we forgot a few things, but as Pauline pointed out, there are stores in NY.

Mom is out. She stayed up all night and all day today. Our hotel is near the airport, about 12 miles from the city in what is basically an industrial area.

We had dinner here in the hotel. When we went to the restaurant, it really seemed to be pretty average. Nothing special. Turned out to be good. Mom really enjoyed her meal.

Tomorrow, going to let mom sleep in, I need to get into town and get a charger for the camera. We will check out in the late afternoon, and head to Venice overnight.

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