Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Getting Ready To Hit The Road

It’s about time.
After having the last three trips we planned canceled, we are finally getting ready to hit the road.

We had planned on going to Vancouver right as the virus hit.

Then we had planned a flight to Florida and a Panama Canal cruise. When those both went south, we scheduled a trip back to Hawaii, which we haven’t been to since we were stationed there in the early 1980’s. 

The 18 year-old sexy version of me in Hawaii in the early 1980's. 

All those trips would have included an airplane flight. So, since that is still a bit shaky, we are hitting the road in our shiny new Jeep. 

I don’t remember the last time we did a long road trip, but it might have been when Kenny and I drove across the entire country, which I reprinted the blog entries a couple of months ago.

Canon at Shiloh from my trip to Washington DC.

Now we are getting ready for a slightly shorter trip, we are only trekking a mere 345 miles to Zion National Park.

I’m looking forward to the trip, but as usual I may be over planning a little.

I know the main activity at Zion is hiking. I have been walking as much as I can, but mostly on level ground. I don’t think that will be the case in Utah.

The first thing I bought was a paracord bracelet, with a compass, emergency whistle, small cutting edge and fire starter. When unwoven it gives you about 6 feet of 550 cord.

I then found a new first-aid kit. I used to have one when I shot a lot of off-road races. You never know when you’ll need some bandages and medical supplies. Better to have a complete kit.

Also, I injured my right ankle about two years ago, and I’m still having issues with it. So, I did some research and bought a new ankle brace.

And then I got to thinking, we are going to be hiking, and there won’t be a ready supply of safe drinking water, so I bought us new backpacks with hydration systems.

Then, I thought, I need a way to mount a GoPro camera to my backpack, so I bought a new camera strap mount.

I knew that I would want to have at least one camera (cuz I am a photographer after all). But I realized that my current camera strap would bind in the straps for my backpack. So, I found a camera mount that attached to the straps on the backpack.

I already had the GoPro 8 Black and the enhanced audio mod. I thought, well, maybe I needed a lav mic. I did pick one up, but the test audio was better with the GoPro audio mod.

Me with the new hydration system, GoPro 8 with backpack mount and Canon camera with backpack mount.

I then did some reading about the hiking trails around Zion and checked with all my friends and family that have been there for recommendations. One of the things I learned is that using “trekking poles” can reduce the strain on your knees and ankles, as well as helping prevent falls. So I bought us both new trek poles.

Now, I figured that getting lunch might be an issue. After all, we planned to be hiking in the “wilderness” so the nearest fast-food offerings might not fit with our plans. For that reason, I included paper plates, silverware, solo cups, an ice chest, and some other culinary comfort items into the plan.

Did I mention that we are staying in a hotel? Well, I’m running out of time, but I think we may have to stop at the Bass Pro Shop in Las Vegas to pick up some last minute gear/supplies.

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