Sunday, January 16, 2022

On Board

The day of the cruise was finally here. After months of prep, plans and changes we were ready. 

We got up, dressed, packed and called for an Uber. 

This time was much better, the car showed up pretty quickly. I told the driver that we were headed to terminal 2 at the cruise port.

When we got to the port, the port sign said was at terminal 21. I said something, but I guess the driver didn’t hear me. 

As we approached the ship, I pointed that it was the wrong ship, we stopped and asked, our dock was on the other side of the port. Needless to say, I dropped a pretty big tip to make up for the extra time.

We dropped our bags and started thru the serpentine line to get to security. After about an hour, we made it thru the first hoop. We then went upstairs and were greeted by an even longer line for health screening. 

After health screening, we were directed to some chairs to wait to board the ship. 

View from the Lido Deck

Apparently the ship had a tough time leaving Jamaica the night before, they said high winds kept them in port. They had arrived three hours late and when we got there, they were still offloading the previous guest. We were finally allowed on board about three hours later. 

We couldn’t go to our rooms, they were still being sanitized, so we did what we were told and went up to deck 15. 

We never did hear an announcement that we could go to the room, but it seemed like people were leaving so we went to deck 9 and found our room. 

Our Mini Suite, not bad for a cruise ship room

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