Wednesday, April 15, 2020

A Stop at Rhodes

With the entire world closed, it looks like it may be awhile before I can do any traveling. With that in mind, I’m re-posting from my original blog. I created the blog to keep family informed while I took my mom on a cruise to Greece.

Day 11:

Yesterday we arrived in Rhodes. After breakfast mom and I headed to the docks. As we walked away from the ship, there were several taxi drivers trying to convince passengers to allow them to take them on tours of the city.

 With moms limited mobility, this seemed like a really good idea. Our German friends had done it at Olympia, and suggested we try to negotiate any prices, they had saved several euro on their trip.

We agreed to pay for a trip around the city, stopping at all the usual tourist stops. The driver (who asked to be called Stan), was really pushing us to take a longer tour and go to Lindos on the other side of the Island.

By the second stop mom (or mom-ma as Stan referred to her) had talked Stan into what sounded to us like a good deal, so we agreed to go to Lindos.

Stan was a great tour guide, however, he speaks in a bizarre combination of Greek, English and Italian. Fortunately I was able to make out enough of the English and Italian to explain to mom what he was saying.

On the way we made several stops, the first at a jewelry mart. Really nice stuff, all made on site. Saw a couple of things I would have liked to buy for Pauline, but at 4000 euro, she’ll have to do without.

The next stop was a pottery maker. Mom bought a few things, I got one small item. We checked on having them shipped home, and the shop owner kind of got irate with us. Seems he only wants to ship large items, every thing we got was small. So rather than spend 150 euro on shipping, we will try to carry them with us.

We finally got to Lindos, and it was worth the trip. Beautiful place, and not too many tourists. We only had a short time there, and we were back off to Rhodes.

After dropping mom at the ship, I wandered around the old city for about an hour.

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