Thursday, April 2, 2020


With the entire world closed, it looks like it may be awhile before I can do any traveling. With that in mind, I’m re-posting from my original blog. I created the blog to keep family informed while I took my mom on a cruise to Greece.

Day 4:

Well we made it to the plane without any problems. The flight from NYC to Venice took just over nine hours. Got to the hotel with out any incidents.

After Checking in, we got on the bus and headed into town. Mom had a little trouble getting on the bus, the step was really high, But we made it to the Grand Canal. Walked around a little, poked around in some shops, then headed back to the hotel.

Had dinner in the hotel, really good. crashed about 10 pm.

This morning, the phone rang. Housekeeping wanted to know if we needed anything. I looked at my watch and it was after 1pm. Looked outside and it was raining. So much for day number two.

There should be some real nice pictures included in this post, cept for one little thing. Can't charge the computer.

OK, added a picture from the canal after we got a new plug for the computer

Important lesson, you need to have a power converter not just a plug adapter when you travel. Mom brought her plug adapter but it doesn't convert the voltage. There is one 120v plug in the room in the bathroom, (in fact, this blog was going to be called "bloggin from the bidet" which would have been much funnier), but it did not charge the computer overnight. I'll work on it.

Tomorrow we head over to the dock and board the ship, hopefully the rain will stop.

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