Thursday, November 5, 2020

Arriving in Zion

As we left the Seven Magic Mountains, we had made it approximately half-way to our destination. The remainder of the drive was fairly uneventful, save for the credit card fraud we encountered just a few miles into Utah. Yep, my card got scanned and I got a fraud alert almost immediately.

A selection of merch at the gas station where my card got compromised. 

We arrived at the hotel about 7pm, checked in and then went to the front desk for suggestions on where to have dinner.

View of the hotel taken the next morning.

That’s when we found out that most of the restaurants in Springdale close at 9:30 pm. We headed to the steak house nearby, I figured that being the more expensive option, they may still have an opening.

We were told that we would need to wait, which we didn’t mind.

Turns out we made it just in time, the next couple got turned away.

The bacon wrapped meat loaf at the Switchback Grill.

It was a really good meal, we made up our minds to make a reservation and come back at least one more time.

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